This route still needs to be checked in detail. The route sheet is not available yet.

There are 300km events all around the world to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the very first 300km brevet.  These celebratory events are expected to be social.  

Start: Breka Bakery (4th and just west of Alma)  24 hour. Coffee and some baked goods available early in the morning

Finish: Elwoods Pub (West Broadway and Waterloo, about 1 km from start). Closes at 2 am

Climbing: 1714m.  For a 300km ride this is not a lot of climbing. There is a short steep climb on Lefeuvre Rd/Graham Crescent (79km) and some steeper pitches on Old Orchard Rd (Chilliwack Mountain  at 143km)

Gravel:  A flat 4 km of gravel along the Boundary Bay Dike trail.  239.5 km - 243.7 km

Transit:  Sorry. This is too early for the regular buses and too late for the night buses.  I can't find service to either W 4th and Alma or W 10th and Alma at this time of day. 

Parking: On Highbury between 4th Ave and 6th Ave.  On the north side of 4th Ave, west of Highbury.

Services: Details to come.  There are many places on this route to stop for food.  Birchwood dairy is at both 115km and 176km

I haven't confirmed with Elwoods yet but we can go back to Breka Bakery if Elwoods doesn't want us.