Are you thinking about trying Paris-Brest-Paris next year? A recent change in registration means more French riders, and fewer of us foreigners. You probably need a 600 in 2022 to pre-qualify for PBP in 2023. (Of course, you stilll need to get a full 200, 300, 400 & 600 series in 2023 by early June, but that likely won't help if you don't get a 600 this year.)

There is no such thing as an easy 600, but this comes close. The design priorities are minimal climbing, access to services, and ease of navigation. No, it won't be to everybody's taste, and yes, most of these roads have been covered several times already this year. But it's still harder than a 600 in Saskatchewan!

I think the broad strokes of the route are about right, but SkyTrain construction will force changes. And I do want to try for a short route sheet.