Start at our favourite hotel in Nanaimo--the Bluebird.  You'll be here again at 368km, so plan your overnight.  And you don't go to Renfrew on this one!

Head north from Nanaimo.  Cross Top Bridge suspension footbridge (800m gravel also) and out to Englishman River Falls. Through Coombs and down to the old highway and on through Cumberland to Comox Lake.  Follow the old highway to Campbell River, and turn just north of town, to follow the new highway to Courtenay.  Back on the old road to our favourite hotel.

The next stretch takes you around Yellow Point, and out to Sahtlam.  Visit Wake Lake Nature Reserve.  It's famous, but you have to find out why when you get there.  Glenora Trails Head Park will be familiar to 400 riders, and then through Cowichan Station, Cobble Hill, Mill Bay, Shawnigan Lake, and back to Nanaimo.  Very little highway on day 2.